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Top-10 lists are ubiquitous in media and have been since Casey Kasem and Carson Daily. We love a list of the best songs or albums, or a countdown of the 100 greatest athletes of all time. The countdown list is a tried and true resource for celebrating our favorite entertainment and Podcasting is the breakthrough medium of entertainment today!


Introducing Podboard: Podboard is a Crowdsourced Podcast Database™ and is the definitive monthly countdown of the 100 best shows in Podcasting. Chosen by you, the listener, and publishing every 3rd day of the month. Voting is always open and your vote will count towards next month’s Podboard. 


Discover new Podcasts or spread the word about your favorite Podcast by voting for the show on Podboard. Help make it the #1 show in Podcasting! Vote today! Because Everything I Know I Learned From Podcasts ®.

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