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PodBlog #2 - 12/11/2020

Welcome to the one and only PodBlog about a Crowdsourced Podcast Database where Everything I Know I Learned from Podcasts

Our featured episode this week is from Jonathan Goldstein's heartfelt and hilarious 1st season of Heavyweight from Gimlet. During this winter of pandemic discontent, we need stories about friendship, community, and returning to "normalcy."

Featured Podcast Episode: Heavyweight #2, "Gregor"

“He was busy playing a concert to 90,000 people in Reykjavik and drinking champagne out of a prostitute's shoe”

-Gregor, the subject of episode 2 from season 1 of Heavyweight, speaking about his mystery friend who happens to be a famous techno musician.

Heavyweight weighs in at #76 on the December Podboard and has been a fixture on previous iterations, peaking in the top-50 of Podboard's top-100 shows in Podcasting. This episode was originally released on September 23rd 2016 and holds up 4 years and a pandemic later. Season 2, Episode 12 - Jesse and S.4, E.30 - The Marshes are two more amazing episodes you should listen to.

I'm not buying Christmas presents this year and need a different way to spend thousands of dollars. What about gambling on professional sports?

I kid, don't gamble your kid's college tuition away. And no, the grinch doesn't work at Podboard. We do, however, love Cousin Sal's Podcast about wagering and sports in general, Against all Odds from The Ringer Podcast network. AAO appears at #34 on Podboard December.

Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open slay, need a Podcast to listen to on the way!

"Listen to the Wind of Change" - The Scorpions

As apt of a quote, or in this case, lyrics from the quintessentially 80's hairband, The Scorpions that we can have during these tumultuous times. As the world around us changes drastically every day, and as we look to family ties and community during this Covid holiday, some of us may need a transportive and mind bendingly enthralling story about CIA coverups, Cold War espionage, and 1980's glam rock. Look no further than the Podcast of the same name from investigative journalist, Patrick Radden Keefe. Wind of Change made its Podboard debut in December at #39.


Keep listening to Pods and voting for your old and new favorites at Podboard. Please help us continue to build our PodLand community by casting PodBallots and checking us out on Twitter and Instagram? The international support has been just overwhelming! It's wicked darn awesome to see cities like Edmonton, Canada and Pune in India being the places from which we receive the most visits. Podboard continues to evolve in ways we couldn't have imagined and we hope for more of the same in 2021. THANK YOU!

Which reminds me, we have received some votes in Hindi and need help with translating them. As far as I can tell, जगदीश गिरी, translates to Ragdish Giri but I can't find their Podcast! Tweet us or email if you can help?

Lastly for this week but never last in my heart is a callout to independent Podcast creators... we are here for y'all!! Reach out on social or email and let's bring more listeners to your show and more voters to Podboard. Why? Because Everything I Know I Learned from Podcasts

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