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PodBlog #3 - 12/20/2020 Everything I Know I Learned from Podcasts

The SF Bay Area, my home, is in lockdown to mitigate the spread of Covid. Wherever your home is, the virus is a threat. So, it's more essential than ever to not be a threat to one another, to take care of one another. "Don't be a stranger."

Those words close most Strangers episodes, Lea Thau's podcast that's available on Patreon. The show is extremely personal and driven by discovering one's own truth, at any cost. Earlier episodes are my favorite so check out "The Long Shadow" from May 16th, 2014. Although we typically don't love repping shows that are behind paywalls, Lea Thau's Strangers is worth the $1/month.

"I don't want a lot for Christmas... This is all I'm asking for... I just wanna see my baby... Standing right outside my door"

Mariah Carey penned those prophetic Christmas romance words in her song, "All I want for Christmas is you" in 1994. That song is currently #1 in England thanks to some industrious Twitter fans in the U.K. (you read that correctly, a quarter century later it's #1!!!), or at least it was when I was watching BBC news last week. Anyway, I'm drawing inspiration from the song today because Mariah Carey said she wrote it in like 15 minutes or something, which is about how much time I have to pen this week's PodBlog. Maybe the Twitter-verse can help propel PodBlog #3 to immense heights as well?

But seriously, we at Podboard wish everyone a beautiful holiday season and we hope that you get to spend it with someone that you love, even if that's on Zoom or Skype. Every person deserves love and companionship and we wish that for everyone during a time when we need it most. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!


I must apologize for the erratic release of our PodBlogs thus far. 2021 will bring a more consistent scheduling with less random PodBlog topics, plus way more NEW Podcast recommendations. For now, it's nice to return to simpler times with our Pod listening and the shows we've turned you onto these last few weeks are exactly that, a return to a simpler time.

Please keep voting at, Tweet at us and follow us on IG or Twitter. The best way to turn us onto new Pods is by voting for the show at the site, but you can always reach out with suggestions on social media too. Most of all, your vote will help us build our Crowdsourced Podcast Database and may even help your favorite show make a future Podboard. 2021's first will be here in just two weeks and there's some new shows that are SO CLOSE to making the cut... KEEP VOTING!!! And you ask why??? Because Everything I Know I Learned from Podcasts

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