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PodBlog #4 - Christmas Day 2020

Stories are gifts that last forever. They're sitting underneath the Christmas Tree of Life right now. Open them up by listening to a narrative Podcast with your people today. Listen to the stories of humanity with your loved ones

There are so many great narrative and storytelling Pods out there, This American Life, Snap Judgement, Reply All all come to mind instantly. But if you've got only a few minutes and want to be absolutely transported to a different time and place, and truly feel that space, listen to Nate DiMeo's Memory Palace this Christmas Day. The bite-sized stories will fit beautifully in between opening gifts and your afternoon stroll. Mem-Pal will undoubtedly elicit conversations at the dinner table, and probably produce gratitude for your forbearers.

The Memory Palace from Radiotopia is our featured Podcast for Christmas 2020. Hosted by the great Nate DiMeo. Listen to episode 118 (On the Shores of Assawompset) - released 11.20.2017. "Call on the Princess"

Podboard loves independent shows and Radiotopia is the premier network for Indy shows. Check out and as always, please reach out to us if you're an independent podcast producer or creator at

Happy Holidays and a welcomed end to 2020 is finally here!

We'll get the housekeeping and administrative details out of the way, and tell you not to expect the next PodBlog until January 2021's first Podboard publication on Sunday the 3rd. That day, folks in PodLand can expect some kind of year-in-review for 2020 plus a look ahead to a new year that we all hope will be a rebirth of what it means to be a person living in a world with a vaccine, and a world where continued, widespread masking is common. And you'll, of course, see the definitive top-100 shows in Podcasting and find out where your favorite new Pod ranks to begin this hopeful New Year! See y'all 9 days from now, until then, keep casting your PodBallot for your favorite shows at!

The end of the year 2020 is finally here , and with it comes as unusual a Holiday Season as we've ever had. I remember way back at the beginning of this ordeal, when cities like Kolkata experienced such a precipitous drop in air and noise pollution that beautiful mountains could be seen and songbirds heard for the first time in decades. The whole natural world felt reborn, and there were many of us with a sense that humanity could follow that lead and relearn what is actually important: nature, family, friends, decency. But in our totally understandable rush to return to "normalcy," it feels as though some of that momentum has been swallowed up by the desire to be delivered from Covid. All things must pass, both good and bad things, and as 2020 comes to an end and we celebrate these unusual holidays virtually, let's make our desire to be together again and return to normalcy become the impetus to help us evolve into a new normalcy. If Covid gave us anything, it can still give us the chance to evolve into the decency that humanity is capable of. There's no better gift than learning from mistakes and growing into one's potential. We've been shown a window into the possibilities of that human growth and learning in 2020. Respect one another like we've respected each other's health during this crisis, and do so beyond the coming of a vaccine and the end of covid. If we can do that, then this weird and tumultuous year will have happened for an important reason: to remind us of our potential to care for one another and care for the earth. To remind us that Black Lives Matter and actually live our day-to-day like they do matter, because BLACK LIVES MATTER. Let's give each other the gift of this year-long ordeal having happened for a reason. Take care of one another, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Happy Pod Listening... Because Everything I Know I Learned from Podcasts.

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